Hi there and warm welcome!

My name is Sara Rogers (Ignatova).

I have decided to build this site because I am very interested in all things green. I hope you’ll find the information here useful to help you make the right shopping decision.

I live in Scotland with my family – my husband and my son :).

I am Russian, but was born and grew up in Turkmenistan which used to be part of the Soviet Union but now is an independent country. Some of my family still live in Turkmenistan, and some are in Russia.

My interest in environmental issues grew as I was thinking more and more about the challenges that we all, as a human race, now face.

This second site is in a way a continuation of the work I started with my first site.

The realization that mindless overconsumption is killing this planet has dawned on me one day, so I decided to start reviewing green products – the ones which have a high utility value for people and the environment, and are produced using organic components and following best manufacturing practices.

I write more about the meaning of green here.

I aim to provide independent reviews and opinions about different products.

Quite often, I see many well-delivered online reviews of a certain product – but then realize that most of them do not provide a critical assessment of the product but a mere re-telling of the information already presented on the manufacturer’s website.

Such reviews are promotions of a product rather than an assessment of both its positive and negative aspects.

Since I try to choose only the best green products, you will find a lot more positive aspects to a specific product reviewed, than negative ones. But virtually any product will have something that it can be improved for, and of course, I try to point this out as well.

Most importantly, I try my best to present all the information without any marketing hype.

I also take an active stand against consumerism.

Please feel free to send us your feedback as you browse along :).