Bosch Solar Panels

Bosch Solar Energy offers a wide selection of solar panels including mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline ones as well as thin-film modules.

Bosch Solar Panels feedbackWe feature mainly mono-crystalline modules which aim to offer “high efficiency”, “powerful performance” and “excellent value for money” for the customer.

The manufacturer “pledges to ensure an exceptional price/performance ratio and delivers products of truly outstanding value.”

According to our calculations, Bosch solar panels do deliver good value regarding an average price per watt paid by the end-consumer.

For example, our own online shop – Solar Shop International – offers Bosch mono-crystalline modules at $2.86 per watt.

At the same time some other mono-crystalline solar panel brands, such as Sharp and SolarWorld, are offered at between $3.01 and $3.31 per watt.

We consider Bosch solar panels to be top-quality products and offer reviews of the following modules:

Bosch Solar Panels – User Feedback!

We always put a lot of effort into researching any solar panel brand / model that we cover on this site.

But we welcome any feedback from anyone who uses Bosch solar panels in their homes or any other solar installations.

Please share your experiences with us and let us know what you think about Bosch panels!

We also welcome any comments from solar professionals who either install these panels for their clients or have some other professional knowledge of them.